Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Change of ... Lace

I have a funny, yet extremely embarrassing, story to share with you all. 

I work at an outpatient clinic, so it's important to look very professional. During the summer time, I wear tons of dresses. Being a tiny bit taller than the average woman, many of my dresses are a little too short.

One day at work, my practice manager pulled me aside and whispered in my hear, "I wasn't sure if I should say anything but I would want someone to tell me if I were you ... so I'm letting you know that I just saw straight up your dress!" ...

Naturally, I was mortified! I asked, "How did you see up my dress?" and she replied, "Earlier when you bent over to pick something up! Maybe today it'll be best to do squats when you need to pick something up".

Ever since that incident I've been paranoid about showing my hiney to the world. I thought about getting some slips to go under my skirts and dresses, but I wanted something prettier. Luckily, I came across Laci Street. They're the only boutique I've been able to find that has standard AND plus size lace dress extenders .... along with short extenders and top extenders. Below are several different ways the lace dress extender can be worn.

I got black, blush, and white :)




My favorite things about these lace dress extenders:

  • I'm no longer paranoid about my dresses being too short
  • You can wear them with tops! A couple of these outfits are simply hi-low tops that I've made into a dress by wearing the lace extender underneath!
  • If I have a dress that is really thin and almost see-through, these lace extenders are perfect for that extra coverage
  • The detail in the lace is gorgeous

Also, I had the pleasure of speaking with a few of the staff members from Laci Street and they are wonderful! They quickly respond to any messages and they're very kind and professional.

I'm looking to possibly do a collaboration with them in the near future, so stay tuned for updates on that :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Was Born in the Wrong Era

Finally! I ordered this dress back in ... May? I came across this adorable little shop on Etsy called Amordress. At first, I was a little worried about purchasing a custom made dress from this shop because it's located in Bangkok, Thailand. No, I'm not racist. I was just worried because I know people who have ordered clothing from other countries and their sizes are way different, so they ended up with something that didn't fit.

I messaged the lovely shop owner, Lalita, and gave her my measurements. Almost two months later, here is the dress! :)

What I like:
  • It's lightweight and perfect for warm weather
  • The vintage style
  • The color is bold and bright
  • The mesh around the collar area is very feminine 
  • To my surprise, it is lined from the waist down with a slip
  • The price was excellent ($89.00 which includes shipping and a $6 added fee for pockets)

The downside:
  • Production time takes forever
  • I paid extra for pockets, which I did not receive

I think eventually I would like to purchase another dress like this. I love this retro rockabilly style.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Hey, lovelies! Spring is around the corner, so of course I had to splurge and by myself a new spring time outfit. Torrid just put out the most adorable pair of flats I've ever seen, so my outfit is completely centered around these shoes. I also bought a purse from Torrid that matches the flats perfectly!

When I first got these shoes, I kept thinking I would have to get a plain black dress to wear with them because what on earth would they match?? It turns out, a black skirt and similar color tank top works just fine!

Surprisingly the flats are SUPER comfy. I wore them to work today and my feet never hurt. Plus, all my coworkers loved them — TONS of compliments!

Also, I originally wasn't sure about getting the purse because I'm not much of a purse person but I'm so glad I did! I feel like it really ties together the outfit. It's also a plus that it's really well made! I love that the hardware is silver and not gold or the antique looking silver that most purses have nowadays.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Wish List

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Lately, I haven't had much to post because I've been totally broke and unable to buy anything new. However, I got to thinking .... I don't necessarily have to buy something new to post an entry. I can simply show you the top 10 items I want for spring. Hopefully, I'll eventually be able to buy these beauties!

1. This vintage style dress from Amordress on Etsy . . . .

For a while now, I've been wanting a vintage style dress like this; however, it's really hard vintage a cute one in my size. Fortunately, Amordress on Esty does custom sizing! Also, her prices are crazy good .... or maybe I'm biased because I'm so insanely in love with this dress. I would be willing to pay way more for this dress than I normally would.

It. Must. Be. Mine.

At the moment, I'm impatiently waiting on her to give me an estimate of how much it would cost for my custom sizing. Once she's done that, I'm ordering this beauty. I plan on pairing it with some comfy plain white Keds and possibly a white or red cardigan. Don't be surprised if you see a post in the near future solely dedicated to this dress and all of it's glory.

2. These booties from Modcloth . . . .

So, not only have I been on a vintage style dress kick lately, but I've also been obsessing over the cutout booties trend. I would probably wear these more often in the fall, but they would still be really cute paired with some shorts or even an edgy dress this spring.

3. This mesh and polka dot swimsuit from Torrid . . . .

Once spring hits, along with warmer weather, I start thinking about summer and what's to come. What better way to get prepared than by getting this little cutie? It's elegant. It's edgy. It kind of has that vintage vibe I've been crushing on. It's sexy! To me, this is the perfect bathing suit for this summer.

4. This facial cream from IT Cosmetics . . . .

So, while you'll be spending time outside sipping sweet tea (or maybe margaritas?) on your front porch this spring, your face will be getting more exposure to the sun! You want to keep it healthy and youthful, don't you? Sure you do! I plan on keeping my skin looking young and healthy by using this facial cream. I've yet to try it, so I can't say how well it's going to work, but I can say that I love IT Cosmetics and I expect to love this product as well.

5. This lace crop top from Torrid (and maybe also the blush lace skirt) . . . .

What really catches my eye is the blush lace skirt ... BUT I could do so much more with the lace crop top. I have tons of cute little spaghetti strap sundresses that this would pair really nicely with. Plus, it could also be worn with a tank top underneath and some jean shorts. Oh, the possibilities . . .

6. This Kate Spade purse . . . .

I will never in a million years own this purse because it's $848.00 . . . . but if I won the lottery, this would be mine. Everything about it screams spring!

7. This Lush bath bomb . . . .

It's no secret, Lush bath bombs are my most favorite thing in the world, besides ice cream. If you follow me on snapchat or instagram (@msbandgeek90), you've seen countless photos of Lush bath bombs swirling and twirling away in my tub. Whenever spring rolls around, they release these cute little egg bombs.

Here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin' down the bunny trail . . . hippity hoppity Lush bombs on the way . . .

8. This floral polka dot dress from Modcloth . . . .

Okay, so I'm going old school again ... Maybe I was worn in the wrong era? Whatever the case is, I love this dress and everything about it. The colors are gorgeous. The style is adorable. I also really love the idea of mixing polka dots and floral! I can just see myself wearing this while I have a hot date at the drive in theater . . . .

9. This dress from Lane Bryant  . . . .

I love the color of this dress. Surprisingly, it's actually pretty difficult to find cute yellow plus size dresses. I have a Kate Spade lemon purse that would go SO well with this . . . .

10. This picnic blanket from Modcloth . . . .

What better way to enjoy spring than munching on some tasty snacks while enjoying nature? This blanket is the perfect accessory for any picnic or lounging on the grass at an outdoor concert. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bohemian Hippie

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went walking around the downtown shops in Charlottesville, Virginia. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which means I definitely had to throw on this stunning dress from Society +.

When I found out that the beautiful YouTuber Alexandra, aka Learning To Be Fearless, had created a line for Society +, I had to jump on it. The items were going quick and I read a post of hers saying they weren't going to restock any items. Fortunately, I snatched up this dress before it sold out.

Now, I will say I was slightly disappointed when I saw that the largest size was an 18/20. Normally, I wear a 20/22 top and bottoms but with some stores, such as Torrid, I can get away with a size 18/20 dress. I figured I'd give it a shot .... because seriously .... how could I pass on this dress?? I will lose weight in order to wear it. That is how much I love it.

Finally, after impatiently waiting for 5 days, it was delivered on Friday.

    The great things about this dress:
  • the colors are gorgeous
  • the pattern is super cute for spring and summer ... and possibly even fall ......
  • the material is lightweight and breathable with a little bit of stretch
  • the length of the dress and sleeves is perfect
The not so great things:
  • it's a big snug around the belly area but loose around the shoulders  granted, I'm pretty heavy around my tummy and much smaller around my bust/shoulder area
  • the material feels slightly clingy

All in all, it's a great dress.

I knew it probably wouldn't fit me as well as I'd like, but the next time I order from Society + I'll make sure to go with a 20/22.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hairband Bangle Review

Below is a video of a review I did for Maria Shireen's hairband bangle. Check it out and be sure to follow this blog and my YouTube channel :)